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Katie D. Binda, MSW, LICSW

Counseling and Consulting Services


The experience of working in high stress settings such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and human service related organizations can be both challenging and rewarding. The impact on employees - developing relationships with people facing life threatening illnesses, or on administrators and providers -learning to partner with patients and families as advisors and advocates  are examples of experiences that can be both inspiring and overwhelming. Training and development is often focused on customer service oriented skills, but rarely addresses the impact on the employee of working with those facing life threatening illnesses – the “human experience” of their work.

Our social work perspective provides a unique expertise to individuals and organizations interested in better understanding the impact of this human experience on their employees and work environments. Through support and education strategies, we focus on enriching partnerships with patients, families and organizations; enhancing resiliency skills for employees leading to more meaningful work experiences; and developing programs centered on health, wellness and stress management for patients and employees.

Areas of focus include:

  • Meeting development and facilitation, as well as other initiatives to enhance relationships and partnerships with patients and families - as advisors, advocates and educators
  • Providing workshops and coaching to strengthen the coping skills of employees - helping them become more resilient to endure the challenges they face
  • Offering guidance and expertise around supportive care and wellness focused programming for patients and employees.